• 25 disk images added
    All 25 disk images of the floppies that came with the HM system can are now available for download.
  • TWIN printer is working
    The TWIN printers have been restored to working order. See what work needed to be done, and a short video of the machine in action.
  • A TWIN emulator
    My work on restoring Signetics TWIN systems just got a nice boost from a project by Amigan Software: an emulator for the TWIN system. And therefore for its sister systems as well: the Millennium Information… Read more: A TWIN emulator
  • New TWIN discovered
    Yesterday I received a real treasure: a complete TWIN system including a full set of documentation and lots of floppy disks! I am really excited about this machine, especially since it came with the TWICE… Read more: New TWIN discovered