There is a surprising amount of software available on the internet. Most of it is either in the form of poorly legible scans of printouts, or in the form of binaries without any source code or documentation. Creating a understandable and documented source code is always the first step in software restoration.

Popmon is a monitor replacement for Central Data machines.

The Central Data Disk Operating System is a somewhat complete operating system for the Central Data machine. It lacks utilities (such as for copying files or formatting diskettes), contains a bug or two and can use some useability improvements. Therefore it is better to use my improved version: P1 DOS.

I have been working on reverse-engineering the source code for TCT Basic and Central Data’s 12K Basic, but decided to focus my efforts in getting an improved version of Central Data DOS working, which would make working with Basic and other programming languages and tools a lot easier.

Lots of software, but documentation is often missing:

Emerson Arcadia 2001 Central: the most complete repository on the 2650.

Microbee software preservation project: mostly on Australian computers, but still a good basis for porting to different machines.

Microbyte Software for the 2650.